Charcoal , Briquettes & Logs

The Lumpwood is crafted from ethical & sustainable, all natural wood that has been burned down to form a fantastic cooking charcoal. The pieces of our charcoals range from 3cm -20cm in the bag to allow for the home BBQ to the professional cook. It is generally the chefs choice. The species used are a mix of hardwoods to ensure the best smokey, tasty aromas with a longer burn and more intense heat. We offer our lumpwood as a BBQ grade in 4kg bags, restaurant quality in 8kg bags and our NEW professional premium grade in 12kg bags.

The Briquettes are compressed from natural wood and natural starch binding agents to give a steady and consistent cooking heat. Our briquettes are quick to reach cooking temperatures and long lasting for up to 180-210 minutes. Briquettes offer a more consistent cooking temperature across the grilling area, giving best cooking results for both the home BBQ and professional kitchens. We offer our briquettes in 8kg & 4kg bags.

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