Why Oak Firewood:

Our premium Oak Firewood logs are extremely dense and heavy therefore giving superior heat. Oak is traditionally seen as one of the best firewood’s on the market. We cut our oak into 20-25cm logs so that it is suitable to burn in most open fires and wood burners. Kiln dried to a moisture below 20% for an easy but long burning, high heat efficient burn

The 30L and 180L size variations are packaged in our handy 30L net bags, when ordering in larger volumes such as the 300L and above the logs will be delivered & left packaged in our easily movable Barrow Bags.  The 300L volume will usually arrive packaged in one Barrow Bag, whilst the 1.2m3 load will be in 4 barrow bags and the 1.8m3 as 6 barrow bags.  Barrow bags are a convenient and manageable way to move your logs around your property with a sack truck or using a wheelbarrow.  They fit through doorways, garden gates and down side alleyways allowing them to be positioned adjacent to your log storing area.

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